We are an absolutely unique dating agency, in that we are a dating agency that encourages partnerships called “Wisdom Affairs” which are different to the normal understanding of “relationships”. The primary focus of a Wisdom Affair is not sexuality, but the mutual enlightenment that the dyadic vehicle of a higher-octave relationship makes possible.

We encourage our clients to get to know each other properly, to have time to let intimacy grow and to learn about each other’s characters in depths before going that far.

We are trying to pioneer a new model in relationship, where the mutual love of wisdom, and the actualization of each other’s higher nature is put first, rather than selfishness or fulfilling our sexual nature.

Wisdom Affairs are initially Platonic deep and meaningful personal relationships in which the true aspirations of ourselves and our lover are given priority over mere physical gratification.

Wisdom Affairs require the couple to be fully conscious as they have to write out and sign a Wisdom Affair Covenant to make the relationship official.

If and when when our clients decide to move into full blown physical relationship with each other, we ask that they inform us accordingly. They can decide through negotiation which of 5 possible models of Wisdom Affair they will be undertaking. The key things is they write all this out this out in a Wisdom Affair Covenant and sign it.

You can have more than one Wisdom Affair with different people at the same time, so in that respect it is a bit like polyamory, only with the added difference that the primary focus of each relationship is always the advancement of one’s own and each other’s mutual enlightenment.

Alternatively you may decide only to have one Wisdom Affair going on in your life at a time, and give it your best shot. Normally, for most people, one Wisdom Lover will be enough ! But some people are like Leonardo Da Vinci in that they have multiple gifts and qualities and may need to find consorts to work and play with on each plane of their own being in order to feel truly fulfilled. Many of the great prophets and wisdom teachers of humanity had more than one Wisdom Lover. Perhaps we can begin to figure out why ?

In previous eras, such Wisdom Affairs were secret knowledge kept for an elite network of sages, priests, tantric practitioners, yogis, alchemists, druids, esotericists, and mystics – we believe that in this era of soul-searching for humanity, the practice should be more widely available for those who can achieve the necessary discipline, discernment and discrimination.