Here are some important links to the thinking and research that underlies the concept of the Wisdom Affair.. We urge people who are serious about undertaking a proper Wisdom Affair and joining this Dating Agency, to study the years of thinking and theory that have gone into this idea.. In our modern metropolitan culture which believes in fast food and fast relationships, we believe on the contrary in slow food and slow relationships.. We believe that true loving wisdom between people can be developed over time.. and that while you can “fall in love with someone in an instant” as Dante did with Beatrice, it takes longer to awaken the higher wisdom that a loving relationship activates..

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Here is the key primary text that outlines what a Wisdom Affair actually is in theory and practice. It is full of examples from history of successful wisdom affairs and also includes a template for a Wisdom Affair covenant that a couple can sign and adhere to


Here is the printed copy of the text:


In addition we have also been editing the Love Journal which is the only academic journal in the world on the nature of love, and which first appeared in 1993, and is now awaiting its 13th issue. The Muses Love Journal celebrates the work of all visionary thinkers, activists, psychologists, educators, theorists and philosophers who stress the role of the positive aspects of human nature in life, and who believe in the power of the transpersonal dimensions of human nature, to bear witness to the power of peace, sometimes even in the face of huge odds. Since its launch in 1993, the world has witnessed many changes, positive and negative, and still, it remains the only academic journal in the world that consciously reinvokes the Muses, Guardians of the original academic craft, and which celebrates and affirms and researches and explores the powers of love, in all their complexity, as the only force which can bring peace and justice on earth, in our lifetimes.

Here are some issues which are available in print:




In addition the Love Journal has a facebook group which one can join to post items on the nature of love research, the psychology of emotion, love and sexuality and esoteric thought, spirituality and relationships and all facets of love studies. This is a field which deserves to become as important as say, conflict research: how can we find altruistic ways of being with one another ? How can we learn to cooperate instead of killing, to affirm and praise instead of abusing ? To advance peace and ahimsa  instead of violence and war ? God is love say most religious teachings, yet how little we actually know about love.. The Love Journal remains the single academic journal for debates and discussions of all aspects of love studies. Articles are welcome, reviews and shorter pieces also..

Here is the link to the Facebook Muses Love Journal group

The Muses Love Journal and the initial thinking about the nature of a Wisdom Affair began a the University of London in the early 1990’s soon after the launch of the International Institute for Peace Studies and Global Philosophy, during the first Gulf War in Iraq. IIPSGP was founded by an international team of some of the world’s leading educators, philosophers, academics and social and natural scientists concerned to harness the power of the mind to prevent world war three and the unleashing of a nuclear war on mankind. In World War Two Senate House in Bloomsbury, London, became the Ministry of Information and teams of brilliants savants worked away to devise anti-Nazi propaganda which helped win World War two. IIPSGP came  into being to continue that work on into peacetime. Why is it that we only see cooperation among thinkers of this magnitude during war time ? How can we win the peace instead ? Hence was born peace studies and peace research, and IIPSGP remains London’s main outgrowth of this idea. In the field of personal relationships, if you apply peace theory to what is often a minefield of personal narratives, in which abuse, bullying, sexual misconduct and all manner of misuse of erotic energy that has been going on for centuries, it is obvious that IIPSGP will not succeed in its mission unless we also clean up the bedroom and bring back authentic erotic wisdom and enlightenment instead of angry and abusive personal relationships, or cold and indifferent ones, which too many people have to suffer in silence. Nowadays we have a new phenomenon, of people being locked into the internet world, and enjoying cyber sex and fake eroticism without actually knowing how to woo and win a real lover of intelligence !  So Wisdom Affairs is the only dating agency in the world that is taking all this on board and trying to see if we cannot come together and use our loving energy and eros for the endowment of planetary peace and well being.. IIPSGP’s work continues and its primary website can be found here – people who join the Wisdom Affairs Dating Agency are welcome also to get involved with IIPSGP as they wish:

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