A wisdom affair is a new form of sacred relationship for a loving couple, who for the time being agree to renounce sexuality and instead work to advance their intellectual, spiritual and emotional well being together.

In time, it may grow into something more like a conventional marriage or handfasting – in which case we ask the couple concerned to leave the Wisdom Affairs website. Our work is accomplished then.

It is also possible for parties agree to each other having more than one active “Wisdom Lover ” in their lives. There is nothing wrong with this in our view as long as everyone agrees to it.

It is both a very new and also a very ancient practice. It is for those who wish to share their highest wisdom with another person and to achieve full enlightenment in this life time, as much as is possible.

It is for couples who refrain from violence of thought, word and deed against one another.

It is for people who share similar spiritual and intellectual outlooks and pursuits.

It is for people who are at similar stages on life’s multidimensional inter-incarnational journey.

It is for the courageous among us, for those whom Nietzsche called “The free spirits”

A Wisdom Affair is not primarily about sexuality, but often it is about Eros and finding that charge of libido which powers the universe and moves the planets, as Dante said.

A Wisdom Affair give a couple time to find what level of Eros they feel comfortable with, before jumping into bed with each other, as too often happens in our “fast food” society.

A Wisdom Affair never ever uses violence, threats, bullying, intimidation, and all the strategy of physical or emotional abuse which sadly goes on in our intimate lives far too often.

A Wisdom Affair is for people who wish to find their true soul friend above and beyond the restraints of class, caste, religion, culture, nationality, politics..

A Wisdom Affair is a vehicle to help spread peace and enlightenment on planet earth so that the highest soul within one may speak to the highest soul within another.

A Wisdom Affair is also to enable us to play, to enjoy, to delight in one another; to fire up the secret inner flames of passion and desire and devotion and to put them at the service of wisdom and enlightenment.

A Wisdom Affair is to enjoy music, dancing, reading, exploration, adventure, thought, reflection, mystery, sensuality, laughter, synchronicity, initiation with another soul and to be intoxicated with the magical light of learning to love together.

A Wisdom Affair is primarily about spiritual friendship. In Druid Christianity a Wisdom Lover is called an Anam Cara, a beloved soul friend.

in Greek, a Wisdom Lover was called a Philosopher.

Join us.. and share your light…